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Introduction of ACHARYA JI.......

His aim and objectives

The founder of the naturopathy resort Acharaya Dr. Rajendra Atal ji, Naturopath and Vastuvid, is dedicated to environment, natural life and nature cure. He is an enlightened master and world health Guru of nature cure & Vastu Shastra.

His achievements are recognized all over India and has been awarded many times for his work in the field of environment and nature cure. Government of Delhi has honored him with Glory of Delhi award.

Under his guiding light the naturopathy resort has planed various program for nature lovers of India, NRIs and international tourists who loves India and wants to know something more about the culture and mystic science of India.

He wants to spread the message of Vedic culture and Indian heritage. In prakriti kunj ashram he adopted the old Indian belief, “ VASUDHEV KUTUMBKAM” means, the whole world is one family.

According to mother language of the world Sanskrit – “SERVEY BHAVANTU SUKHINA, SERVEY SANTU NIRMYA” Means - May all beings be happy, may all be healthy.


In Hindustan our manner is very respectful and our hearts are always open. In many ways, at that time India was the ultimate destination for the enlightened travelers. Now, thousands of years later, we can bring that golden age back again.This inspired us to go back to those years, when Indian hospitality set the standard for the world. (

With the spirit of above Indian philosophy – we started to cure the chronic diseases and physical fitness program for the foreigners, NRIs as well as for Indians through naturopathy

He introduced holistic healing cosmic mystic program. For details visit COSMIC MYSTIC HEALING PROGRAM at

The above healing program is given in the guiding light of Acharya Shri Rajendra Atal who is an enlighten master and cosmic healer of India.

He is devoted to the deep nature infect nature is his best teacher. He lives in the heart of plants and animals as well as plants and animals live in his heart. He understands the message of nature and receives love and affection of the creature.

He introduced the ancient Indian mythology of holistic healing in a new concept. These programs begin from Amavasya. He also introduce Kayakalp course for body, mind & soul. This program in known as for happy healthy living course. In the campus of Prakrikit Kunj Ashram he established nine plants symbolizing the nine planets.

Regarding his educational background he is law graduate and post graduate in political science from Merrut University, post graduation in journalism from Rajasthan University, Jaipur. Regarding naturopathy he is traditional naturopath. His father freedom fighter Puranchand Arya was a great follower of Mahatma Gandhi. Due to the follower Mahatma Gandhi his father spread the message of naturopathy and humanity.

He also got reorientation training program in naturopathy from National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune under health ministry, govt. of India. Being a good naturopathy speaker of India. National institute of naturopathy, Pune invite have him in the history congress of naturopathy at Urlikanchan, naturopathy ashram as a spokes man of Uttar Pradesh.


Shankracharya Sh. Rajrajeshwranand ji maharaj.

Shri Shivraj V. Patil ji, honorable justice supreme court of India.

Presently member of human right commission of India.

Padam Shree Bharat Bhushan ji, Prominent Yog guru of India. (Saharanpur)

Sh. Suraj Bhan Ji. Ex. Governor of Uttar pradesh & Himachal.

Sh. Mahesh Sharma ji. Chariman Khadi Gramodyog Commission. Delhi.

Sh. Narayan Singh Rana ji, State Mnister for sports and culture. Uttranchal govt.

Sh. Sahab Sing Verma, chief minister of Delhi.

Sh. Ramnath Kovind Ji, Member of Parliament, Delhi

Sh. Indreshwar ji, RSS. Office, Jhandeywala, New Delhi.

Major General Rtd. Sh. N.S. Malik. Delhi.

Sushri Uma Bharti ji, Mnister for sports and youth affairs. Govt. of India.

Sh. Nepal Singh ji, Education Mnister of Uttar Pradesh.

Sh. Suresh Chandra ji, IAS. District Magistrate Saharanpur

Sh. Gauri Shankar ji, IAS. Joint Magistrate Saharanpur

Sh. Mukul Goel ji, IPS. SSP. Saharanpur

Sh. Shivcharn Sharma Ji, District Judge Saharanpur

Sh. Karan Singh Chouhan ji, Chief Development Officer, Saharanpur.

Sh. R.P. Shukla ji, Commissioner, Saharanpur.

Sh. V.K. Gupta ji, District judge, Saharanpur

Dr. Ranjana Vajpayee ji, President of Women commission Uttar pradesh.

Sh. Shyam Nandan Sing ji, MLC, Gen sec. BJP UP. Lucknow

Sh. V. Laxmiratan, IAS. 3963.Sec-23, Gurgaon.

Sh. Rambhawan Mishra ji, honorable justice high court Allahabad.

Dr. Nagendra Neeraj ji, Prominent naturopath of India. (Jaipur)

Dr. Ramesh Verma ji, Prominent naturopath of India. Jindal Naturopathy hospital Banglore

Dr. Sukh Nandan Jain ji, Prominent naturopathy writer of India. (Chandigarh)

Dr. Dilip Gala ji, Prominent naturopath of Mumbai.

Dr. Nisha Bharti ji, Prominent naturopath of Delhi.

Dr. Vikram Bhandari ji, Prominent Yoga teacher of Delhi.

Dr. Surya Bahadur Karki ji, Prominent naturopath of Kathmandu, Nepal.


Honored for excellence nature cure service by Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in international seminar on Yoga & Naturopathy sponsored by AYUSH, Ministry of health and family welfare.

Honored by Delhi govt. as Glory of Delhi.

Honored by Deendyan Upadhyay Vichar Manch. Ramgarh, Shekhawati Rajasthan.

Honored for environmental conservation by 6th world conference for environment.

Honored for naturopathy extension by Bharat Vikas Parishad Saharanpur.

Honored for participating in family welfare and health fair organized by Chief medical officer, health department Saharanpur, UP Govt.

Honored for Son of India by International human welfare council, New Delhi.

Honored for establishment of ethical values in the field of Naturopathy and Yoga by Shunya Sanstha, Saharanpur.

Participated & honored 2nd world conference on Yoga & Naturopathy in Kathmandu, organized by*Nepal Yoga & Nature cure association.

Honored by Nature Cure Society, Delhi and all India Naturopathy council, New Delhi at Talkatora Indoor Stadium.

Participated in orientation course organized by National Institute of Naturopathy Pune, Govt of India.

Participated & honored in Naturopathy workshop & Doctors management training program at Surya Foundation, Jhinjolee.

Participated & organized food and nutrition training program by food and nutrition board, ministry of human resource development, New Delhi.

Organized Reproductive Child Health program with the assistance of Himalyan Institute Hospital Trust and Medical College, Doiwala, Dehradun Sponsored by Ministry of health and welfare Govt. Of India.

Organized Naturopathy awareness program through National Institute of Naturopathy, Govt. Of India. Pune.

Organized Naturopathy Training program for doctors, teachers, students through National Institute of Naturopathy, Puna,Govt. Of India.



Mr. Malsalt, England
Mr. Malkeet Singh Salh, NRI, CANADA

Miss Tamara, Germany
Mrs Jasvindar, London
Miss Inga, Iceland
Mr. Kishor Shah, NRI, UK
Mrs. Kiran, NRI, UK
Mr. Ashok Kunwar, NRI, Canada
Mrs. Anita Kunwar, NRI, Canada
Miss Anna Barbara, Germany
Miss Gitte Gorgenson, Denmark
Miss Katti Hotgar, Shrilanka
Miss Steffi, Germany
Miss Astrid, Germany
Miss Lima Akanza, Sweden
Mrs. Tang-ye-chain, Taiwan
Dr. S.U. Rehman, Saudi Arab
Miss Andria Sant, Australia
Miss Isoldey Stillar, USA
Mr. Hitoshi Nagasi, Japan
Miss Liza, UK
Miss Kimbarly, UK
Miss Rebeca, UK
Major Ahmad Raza Khan, Pakistan
Mr. Aslam Akhtar Zaidi, Pakistan
Mr. Roobin, Kenya
Miss Tishaye, Ethiopia
Dr. Emade, Egypt
Mr. Melse, Ethiopia
Mr. Brahney, Ethiopia
Mr. Tadise Nages, Ethiopia

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